"For the creation of the work Frieze, Despina Nissiriou asked pedestrians to pinch some clay, form a ball and press their finger, in order to make their fingerprint. She then positioned the fingerprints in a grid and composed a wall installation. Every module defends its identity within the whole. The core question raised is, who is the maker of this work? Is it the artist or the people who made the fingerprints? The artist claims to be the instigator, the legislator and the manager.Does this make the people co-creators in a small scale or are they simply the labour force, executing directions in some kind of production line? Furthermore, the work has a sociopolitical dimension as well. Its big scale stands for a society which recognises the identities of its members. Its austere form and the limitations the artist posed while it was created, are comments on the boundaries of democracy."

Text from the catalogue, written by Marianthi Giannopoulou and Silia Pechlivanidi.

Frieze, act 2, 2013. Unfired clay installation.